Shopping around the christmas tree

Oh blimey. I just realised that I´m going to be soooo tempted to buy a bunch of STUFF in Mexico (yes, Mexico is all I think about lately). First of all, they have the most amazing silver jewelry, which I am addicted to. I´m actually starting a course in silversmithing in January, that´s how addicted I am. Can´t wait. And look at these.... vases!

I WANT THEM. Wouldn´t say no to a rug or two either.

What else, what else.... Oh. Clothes, of course. Something like this maybe?

Or maybe not. How about the traditional white blouse with flowers? You know what I mean. But wait. Look at this BAG!!

Swooon. Do you know what? You don´t have to go to Oaxaca to get one, you can just buy it here.
Don´t tell anyone.


And this belt is already mine, so I won´t have to worry about that. My grandmother made it! So ahead of her time. Imagine if she knew I´d be wearing it in Mexico! Life is weird, guys. 

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