It´s beginning to look a lot like.... ¿christmas?

Yesterday I got this feeling of winter and festivities. Which I guess you do if you start your day in a pub called Underground watching a soccer game and sipping beer. Right? And it was SNOWING in Hermosa! Look!

See, there in the background. Snowfest they called it. Snowboarders jumping around and kids marvelling at melting spots of gray snow. I´ve seen a lot of snow before, so we went to the pier and spexed around in the cold sun instead. 

I was pretending to be in a movie. It would have been called "Love boat: Don´t let the sun go down on me". Or in Spanish: "El barco de amor: La puesta del sol". Or something like that.

Then we looked at Santa and Santa´s little hooker, sorry, helper.

Nobody wanted to sit in Santa´s lap, besides me, but Pabs wouldn´t let me. Went to get another beer instead.

Don´t be fooled by the palmtrees and the sunset, it was getting very chilly. So we went home, had some more beer, and played Spotify-Scrabble. Christmas can come now, I´m ready. Oh, have I mentioned that we´re going to Mexico for christmas? I have? Ok.

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