In my basket

Stocked up on some goodies from Whole Foods, including raw bars from two moms in the raw (eating a piece as we speak, they are deliiiiicious) that I wrote about here. Other favourites from this shelf are the chocolates, the granola and the kale chips (easy to make at home, but the cheesy ones are oh so yummy I can't resist to sneak one in my basket). Everything without sugar, milk, flour... or anything heated above 46 degrees celsius. Super candy!

Some fresh kale and acrylic paint on that, and the evening is complete! I was also juggling a huge canvas I got from the art supply store, while trying to keep my bike straight, multo dangeroso. But I felt so happy looking down at my basket and my flappering canvas, because all of a sudden I realised that I'm actually lucky enough to do whatever I feel like doing everyday, and if that isn't happiness, then I don't know <3

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